Tuesday, 29 January 2013

365 days of Freya 'Deco' - A tribute to a best seller!

   It is coming up to two years since I had my bra fitting epiphany and bought my first correctly fitting bra (a bra which remains one of my all time favourites to this day!) The bra in question is a staple in my underwear collection and I own it in several different colours and designs. I reach for it time and time again because I know that I can rely on it to be comfortable, supportive and flattering whatever I am wearing. 

   The bra that I am talking about is the fabulous Freya 'Deco'...

   The 'Deco' occupies a very special place in my heart not solely because of the superior support, comfort and shape that it offers, but also because it gives an uplifted and rounded cleavage that is just knock-out!

  The joy of the 'Deco' resides in its supreme versatility; the plunging neck line and seamless design works perfectly with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and it is one of my bras of choice to wear under my 'going out' outfits (both the moulded plunge and strapless versions)! 

   To top it off, Freya continuously updates its 'Deco' collections with new colours, designs and bra styles (e.g. soft cup, multiway, longline, padded half cup bras, shaping slip dresses!) The 'Deco' currently comes in a large range of shades and prints; from your basic 'nude' and black colours to eye-catching shades of red, blue and pink to flirty prints that include everything from sleek stripes to flamboyant flamingos!

  There is certainly something for a variety of tastes! Freya's 'Deco' range includes back sizes 28-38 and cup sizes up to a GG, meaning that the 'Deco' is a particularly good option for fuller busted ladies who want a moulded and seamless bra that delivers on support, gives a smooth silhouette and offers a cracking cleavage to boot!

   Whilst I often wax lyrical about the 'Deco', I am not alone in my love for this bra.. since its launch in 2009, Freya has sold over a whopping 300,000 'Deco' bras and its popularity doesn't seem to be wavering! To celebrate this iconic and versatile bra, Freya have launched an exciting, new global marketing campaign over on their dedicated microsite: 

   Not only can you view the current 'Deco' collections, but even more exciting is the fact that there are some amazing prizes up for grabs! Upload a photo of one of your favourite outfits to Freya's 'Style Wall' and select a 'Deco' style that you can wear under it! (You can also enter through Instagram by tagging your photos with #FreyaDeco365)


-10 sets of Deco lingerie to give away EVERY month!
-Get your style wall photo featured in one of Freya's magazine adverts!
-Win the WHOLE 'Deco' range!
-The grand prize is a £1000 shopping spree with your very own stylist!

   Don't forget to get all of your friends and family to comment on your photo when the style wall launches on 31st January 2013!

   Also, check out Freya's campaign video which shows just how many ways that you can incorporate the 'Deco' into your own wardrobe:

   I am also happy to report that Freya have some really fabulous new designs for 2013, some of which I saw at the Freya SS13 press day:

(L-R: Freya 'Honey' in purple 'Iris', Freya 'Ashlee' in 'Candy', Freya Deco 'Flamingo)

 New for this year is the introduction of shapewear to the 'Deco' range, including a multiway bra, longline bra and longline slip dress!

Have you spotted any other new 'Deco' designs in the Freya 365 video? Here is a peek at some of the styles that may well be coming this AW13..

I think I have gone into 'Deco' lust overload..!

What do you think of the new 2013 Deco styles and previews? Will you be entering the Deco 365 competition?

Kitty xo


  1. It' not a miracle for me, that Deco is one of your favorites. Deco is a various bra and new designs and colors are very lovely. I tested it a few weeks ago in my favorite lingerie shop. Fabric is very soft and wires and band are better padded then Panache's, straps length is better too. Unfortunately wires are to short and narrow to fit with my chest. So I hope the new wireless Deco bra will fit me better.

  2. Kitty do awesome job..!!!! always love to read ur blogs.

    1. Aw, thank you - really glad that you enjoy reading my blog posts :)

      Kitty xo

  3. Wow! The Fall collection. . .I am practically drooling. Now Freya just needs to expand the Deco size range!

  4. Definitely sharing my DECO love! My first Bra-mance came with Freya Deco Moulded Plunge bra. I Love the new styles and colours. I’m SO excited about the shape wear. The long line bra looks divine! #PrettyBras

  5. Counting down, love Freya.
    Thanks for the great blog!


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