Monday, 12 August 2013

Bling for your bra - Esty Lingerie choker strap review

   An accessory can be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, so where does the lingerie market stand when it comes to underwear accessories? 

   You may be aware of the existence of functional bra-cessories such as your commonplace bra-extenders, comfort strap pads and chicken fillets but what about accessories that take your bra to the next level of aesthetic impact? 

   With the widespread furor caused by 'Fifty Shades of Grey', bondage accessories have taken to the stage in a big way and it seems that now, the sky is the limit when it comes to sprucing up your underwear with edgy (and sometimes risqué) accessories...  

   Although the 'Fifty Shades' book has bypassed me somewhat, bondage-inspired lingerie certainly hasn't! Anything strappy/cut-out/mesh/harness-like gets me weak at the knees, so I was delighted to stumble across Esty Lingerie's new and improved Accessories section

   I have been a fan of Esty Lingerie for a while; the company boasts an extensive range of amazing independent designer names on its website that I regularly lust after. Even more exciting, however, is the fact that company director, Estelle Puleston, is also a lingerie designer and her new range of lingerie accessories is certainly something to get dreamy-eyed over!

   Esty Lingerie's Accessories range is an ideal way to personalise and rejuvenate the lingerie that you already own and the collection includes everything from customised bra straps, suspender straps and garters to cuffs, harnesses and handcuffs! The accessories that really caught my eye were the gorgeous, bondage-inspired choker straps, which come in a variety of styles and colours..

   What particularly excites me about the choker strap accessory is that it fuses the idea of a necklace, harness and bra strap to create something that bridges the gap between under and outer-wear. Bondage-inspired bras also do not tend to be readily available to small-backed and fuller busted girls such as myself, so a choker strap seemed to be an ideal way of customising the lingerie that I already owned! 

   I was over the moon when Esty Lingerie offered me the chance to channel the trend with an Esty choker strap of my choice! As a fan of Alexander McQueen and his trademark skull motifs, the black satin elastic choker bra strap with crystal skull seemed to be a great nod to the late designer!

   The Esty Lingerie black satin choker strap is one size and is incredibly adaptable thanks to its stretch elastic and metal adjusters, which can be modified to fit the individual. To attach the choker strap, the bottom slider can be adjusted to form a loop and then all you have to do is slip it over the bra wing and slide it to the centre. Put on your bra as normal and then use the clip at the top to fasten the choker at the neck. Tighten or loosen the top and bottom sliders as necessary and voilà! Your very own custom bra harness!

   Whilst I have tried my choker strap with plunge and balcony bras, I really love wearing my skull choker strap with a plain strapless bra like the black Freya Deco. The choker strap works so well with a strapless as the choker almost becomes part of the bra, creating a new bra design in itself. The eye is also drawn upwards to the neck, honing in on the glint of the diamanté skull charm and cute satin ribbon bow detail.

   The Esty choker strap is well made and comfortable to wear, meaning that it is not limited to the boudoir; it can be incorporated into day and evening outfits alike. As the Esty skull choker is such a 'wow' piece and I am such a big fan of the lingerie as outerwear trend, I have enjoyed wearing my choker strap with slinky evening dresses, under blouses and even peeking out of casual vest tops. 

   I have put a few outfits together so that you can get a feel for some of the ways that the choker strap can be worn in harmony with clothing without looking OTT...

Day: Casual vests and acid wash jeans

Neon vest top: Undiz (France) 
Acid wash jeggings: Topshop
Stud boots: Primark

Neon is a huge trend at the moment and yellow/lime is one of this season's hottest shades - it looks great against a tan and it even works with my 'moon tan'! I love the contrast of the neon with my Topshop acid wash jeggings and my Primark studded boots tie in well with the skull choker strap - ideal for adding a rock-chic edge!

Burgundy vest: New Look
Acid wash jeggings: Topshop
Stud boots: Primark

If you're not feeling daring enough to wear out-there neons this Summer, burgundy/rust is a great transitional shade that will take you into Autumn. Burgundy feels a little more sophisticated and understated and I love the relaxed simplicity of this outfit, whilst the choker strap turns up the heat.

Evening: Mesh and velvet bodycon

Dress: H&M Conscious collection

     Let's just say that I was feeling unusually Gothic when I put this outfit together! I really like the textural contrast of the velvet with the mesh of this bodycon dress and the waterfall/batwing sleeves give this outfit plenty of dramatic impact. My Deco strapless works brilliantly under this dress, meaning that the only strap on show is my fabulous Esty skull choker strap!

   As you can see, the Esty skull choker strap is a perfect way to spice up any outfit and it really gives the 'wow factor' to a variety of bra stylesIt is quite brilliant to me that you can totally transform your under and outerwear simply by slipping on choker strap! Aside from being easy to wear, the Esty choker is great quality, comfortable and the pièce de résistance? It only costs £10.99! An absolute steal considering its versatility, luxury appeal and suitability for ALL cup sizes!

   I am such a fan of this skull choker strap, that I can't wait to add more Esty accessories to my collection. I might buy the matching skull bra straps or skull suspenders, but more likely I will get one of these beauties:

   What do you think of Esty Lingerie's choker straps? Is bondage-inspired lingerie a trend that you would rock and how do you feel about lingerie accessories?

Kitty x