Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Vintage beauty: The Freya 'Loretta'

  Although bold prints and vivid colours are big news this summer, the 'Loretta' bra from Freya's Spring/Summer 2011 collection offers a great alternative to summer brights. The 'Loretta' takes on a much more girly trend of subdued pastel hues and floral and paisley patterning, giving off an air of lady-like glamour and an elegance that is sure to capture any girl's heart...

  The 'Loretta' is a gorgeous vintage blue colour, complimented by delicate flower-embroidered cream mesh panels. The blue of the cups is nicely set off by pale pink and green floral accents, whilst the paisley print gives the bra a very vintage feel. The bra also features little blue bows on the straps and the hanging gem charm at the centre gives the bra a more glamorous feel!

  Aside from the obvious visual beauty of this bra, Freya never compromises on fit. The 'Loretta' is a full cup, underwired plunge - ideal for bigger busted girls who want good coverage, as well as a bra that looks good! The band is firm without being uncomfortable and the cups give great shape and support.

  I found the fit and shape of this bra similar to the Freya 'Arabella' (Click here for my review). The main difference between the 'Loretta' and 'Arabella' is that the 'Loretta' has the advantage of being made from a softer and silkier fabric, which adds to its comfort and wearability.

(Freya 'Loretta' bra, £30)

  The best thing about the 'Loretta' is its size-inclusivity - boasting 28-38 bands and cup sizes from a B right up to an H! To complete the set, you can pick either shorts (£12.50), thong (£14.50) or briefs (£15.50), which boast matching lace and paisley patterning.

  The Freya 'Loretta' is a true 'must-have' for this summer and would be perfect under a floaty tea dress. Additionally, the 'Loretta' will be the perfect transitional lingerie piece to lead you into fall's more muted tones. This bra is so beautifully designed that it seems almost a shame to cover it up! If you're looking for summer romance, the 'Loretta' is sure to set hearts a-fluttering!

Kitty xo


  1. I love this bra! I don't know how I've not seen it before. I need it. lol Can't find it anywhere in a 28gg. :-(

    Becky x

    1. Hi Becky,

      It's from Spring/Summer 2011, so it's quite hard to get hold of now I think. It's a lovely bra - I love the vintage feel of it.

      I did have a look online to see if I could find it in your size, but didn't have any lucky as of yet. I'll definitely let you know if I see it though! Worth checking up on Ebay every so often..

      Kitty xo


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