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Style file: The curvy girl's guide to a night out

Your night out is planned and all of your friends have confirmed, but the big question remains..what to wear?

  Every girl has experienced that ‘I have nothing to wear’ moment prior to a big night out and for the curvy girls out there, there are just so many things to think about aside from whether you can walk in your new sky-scraper heels! Dressing curves is never an easy task – the balance must be addressed between showing off your assets and looking like you’ve tried too hard or have dressed to get the wrong kid of attention!

  Another issue is finding clothes that accommodate for curves and a bigger bust. Going up a size to give enough room to your bust can be disastrous, resulting in too much material around the waist, or clothes that just ‘hang’ off your frame. No-one wants to get lost in too much fabric, but not everyone has the confidence to pour themselves into a fitted dress…

  The solution to dressing curves is firstly to work out the kind of occasion that you are dressing for and secondly, to decide which areas of your body you want to highlight or conceal. Although there are specialist fashion stores (like Pepperberry) that cater for curves, I want to show girls that they can pick up curve-friendly clothes on the cheap! 


LOOK 1: Trendy but understated

(Necklace, top and black skinny jeans from Topshop. Studded heeled boots from Love label.)

Skinny jeans are a great night-out alternative to a dress. They can be worn to more casual events, dinner with friends or the cocktail bar.

Black skinny jeans are very slimming and flattering to curves and also elongate your frame.

Wrap-over tops or ‘V’-shaped plunging necklines draw attention to your bust, whilst not revealing too much flesh.

Gold accents and embellishment add a little bit of glitz for the evening. Whoever said you can’t stand out in a pair of black jeans?

LOOK 2: Flirty summer prom dress

(Dress, belt and heels – all Primark)

With the onset of summer, what better way to celebrate, than with a
pretty prom-style dress?

This dress from Primark is perfect for curvy girls, due to the fitted bodice and sweetheart neckline, which flatter a bigger bust. The A-line skirt and cinched-in waist give the impression of an hour-glass figure, whilst skimming over the stomach and thighs.

Nude heels finish off the outfit by elongating the legs.

LOOK 3: Chiffon and leggings

(Tunic dress and heels from Primark. Leggings – H&M)

This rust-coloured tunic dress is very girly and great for an evening out with the girls. The bust is roomy and the buttons can be undone to reveal a stretchy under-slip.

The plaited belt adds shape to the dress and draws attention to your waist. Leggings keep the look casual, but the embellished heels add a bit of nighttime glamour!

LOOK 4: Elegant in summer brights


(Dress, belt and heels from Dorothy Perkins. Necklace – Primark.)

Take on the summer brights trend with a vibrant purple dress like this one from Dorothy Perkins! The dress is made from a stretchy material and will accommodate for larger busts.

The fabric falls from under the bust and skims your curves. The accompanying belt can also be worn under the bust, enhancing your chest whilst giving you a cinched-in shape!

LOOK 5: Daring panelling

(Bodycon ‘Emma’ dress from Motel)

For the more daring of curvy girls, body-con can be a knockout way to show off curves and an hourglass figure!

This dress by Motel is very glam and perfect for a night out on the tiles. Look out for strategic panelling, which emphasises curvy figures. The panels of the Motel ‘Emma’ dress give the illusion of a smaller waist!

Don’t forget to wear seam-free underwear and a supportive strapless bra. Here, I am wearing the Freya ‘Deco’ strapless bra in black.

LOOK 6: The little black dress

(Dress by Geitzy London – found in a vintage shop. Heels from Dorothy Perkins)

Look out for the perfect little black dress that you can wear over and over again. This ‘Geitzy’ dress is made from very stretchy material and is slightly ruched at the bust. Stretchy dresses, like this one, are great as they cling to the curves that you want to show off (your bust), but aren’t too clingy on the rest of your body!

Team with a gorgeous pair of platform heels and rock those curves!

  I hope you have enjoyed my going-out style file for curvy girls, which should hopefully provide some ‘food for thought’ and show that you don’t need to spend a lot to look good!

  When shopping for clothes, remember to look out for clothes that streamline your figure, enhance your best points and skim over any parts of your body that you dislike. Don’t be afraid to customise – tacking, sewing and altering can really transform an outfit that is not ‘quite’ right when you buy it. Adding a waist belt to a dress is also a great way of giving shape to clothes that otherwise fit too loosely and do not pay enough homage to your gorgeous figure!

  One last thing to keep in mind is underwear. The first step to looking great starts with the basics…and that means a well-fitting, supportive bra! I am wearing the Freya nude ‘Deco’ bra in looks 1-4 and the Freya black strapless ‘Deco’ in looks 5-6. These are the staple lingerie pieces that I reach for again and again. Due to being completely seamless and providing fantastic uplift and support, these bras are a must-have for all curvy girls!

  Although fashion is very subjective, the most important thing is to dress for your figure, as ultimately, only you know what you feel most comfortable and confident in. A beautiful girl is a confident girl; so don’t forget to finish off any outfit with a dazzling smile!

Kitty xo 


  1. Fabulous outfits Kitty! :) xx

  2. Thanks very much, Sophia - Lovely to have your feedback!

    Kitty xo

  3. Those are some great-looking outfits on you!

    I must admit, though, that I found myself thinking that only about half of the examples would really work for me personally. I'm certainly curvy, but by the looks of it I'm shorter than you (shorter torso, shorter legs at least - I don't have the great line you have going).

    For #1, V-necks are a good idea, but shirts like that with a large embellishment in the front divide my boobs weirdly and usually mean the shirt doesn't fit me (I find my self constantly pulling the shirt around to adjust it).
    For #2, I have a short torso so personally I would need the belt down at just above my hips or I look kind of dumpy.
    For #3, I need a more fitted top or else I look really tent-like, even with a belt. However, maybe it could work for me if the belt was right under my bust.
    I think #4 could work well for me - hello purple!
    I've never tried a dress as form-fitting as #5, but I am inspired to find one!
    And as long as #5 was fitted at the waist, I would go for it.

    Not to disparage any of your suggestions, just noting what I've learned about myself! I think these all work well for you.

  4. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for your message - I am glad that you like the outfits! I always appreciate getting feedback from my readers and your comments are really interesting. As you say, people's bodies and proportions vary greatly and what works for one individual may not be ideal for the next.

    I agree with you that finding tops for a bust can be a nightmare. Bravissimo do some good tops that are size-specific - some with integral bras. On the highstreet, the key is to look for a lot of stretch (and room) in the bust.

    By the way, on the jewel detailing front, I would highly recommend Pepperberry's jewel-front dress:

    It is beautifully form-fitting and the cut is very cleavage-flattering!

    I'd also recommend the Motel bodycon dress that I bought - panelling is great for curvy girls. Plain colours also work well for a bodycon dress and adding accessories or a belt can really give it an additional 'wow' factor.

    Of course, my style file is not exhaustive, so look out for more posts of a similar nature in the future! Thanks again for your feedback!

    Kitty xo

  5. The body con dress looks fantastic on you! I agree, it's very daring but shows off a great figure to the max.

    I love that Dorothy Perkins dress too, the hem's so pretty. :-)


  6. Thanks, Becky! I am a big fan of bodycon for a night out. The Dorothy Perkins dress is very versatile - I've popped a little strap top/camisole underneath before for a more modest day-time look! :)

    Kitty xo

  7. Hello!
    I love outfits 2 and 3. Are they still selling that dress and chiffon in Primark? I need to go and have a look this weekend if so!
    Great blog by the way!

  8. Hi Rosie,

    The chiffon tunic dress in 'look 3' is in Primark stores now and comes in various different colours - It's a great buy and something I know that I will wear a lot! I think the Primark Prom dress was limited edition, but it may still be around - if not, you may find one on ebay.

    I'm glad you like my blog - yours is fab too!

    Kitty xo


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