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Part 1: Bust boosting bras for smaller busts

Petite or buxom in the chest department, every girl likes a bit of a lift now and again. Whether it's a padded bra to boost your assets, or a bra which gives a great rounded shape, there is a lot on the market at the moment whatever your bra size.

I've decided to share some hints and tips for finding a great bra to enhance your curves. This post is Part 1 of my blog series, which is dedicated to finding the best cleavage-enhancing bras for smaller busts. Brace yourselves, ladies, you're in for a treat!


Boob-boosting bras for the smaller chest

I've said time and time again, that there is absolutely nothing wrong for a girl to wear a padded bra. Although the media tend to highly criticise padded gel and foam bras for being "false advertising", a primary reason for buying a padded bra is to make women feel good about themselves. The great thing about a padded bra, is that it is a great alternative option to surgery for smaller busted girls who want a bigger cleavage. If a padded bra restores confidence to women about their figures, then I am 100% for that. The good news is that there are tonnes of bras on the highstreet to enhance a smaller bust...

The XXX Triple gel bra (£25) from La Senza, for example, has caused such a storm that La Senza has recently brought out triple gel bikinis. The triple gel comes in a variety of colours and patterns; from black, white, red and purple to zebra and animal print - in sizes A-DD. The bra has multi-way straps and claims to be "ultra light", boosting your assets up two whole cup sizes with its foam and gel padding concealed in the cups! If that's not an extreme boosting bra, I don't know what is!

Although the bra seems to be everything a smaller chested girl could ask for, the bra does have its pitfalls. I have tried the bra on myself in a 32DD (which is a bit small for me as my real size is 28FF) and I found that it gives a very exaggerated shape - a little bit like you have fake boobs - and it is not desperately comfortable. I don't think that the extreme boost of the XXX would be as much of an issue for A-C cups, but I feel that perhaps D and DD cups may find the padding a little bit too excessive. Personally, I would definitely prefer something a little bit less over the top, but if you're looking for an extreme lift, this bra certainly does what it says on the tin!

If you are not a fan of such an XXX cleavage, there are many alternatives available in La Senza. I would be more inclined to recommend the 3-way gel bra (£18), which gives you a bit of oomph, without making your boobs look inflatable! Another option would be the La Senza ITEC bra (£25), which is totally seamfree, very soft and uses graduated foam padding to give a more natural cleavage. La Senza's soft Cotton lace bras (£10) are an inexpensive example of more natural padding and the Lulu lace bra (£16) is great, as the padding can be removed.

Aside from La Senza's cleavage enhancing bras, Ann Summers have launched their Kissing Cleavage - Instant boob job bra (£25 and A-DD), which is a top contender for La Senza's XXX Triple gel bra (and was brought out around the same time.)

The difference between the La Senza XXX and Ann Summers' Kissing Cleavage bra lies primarily in aesthetics. In my opinion, the Ann Summers' bra is sexier and more glamorous, with its lace covered cups in an array of pretty colours. The Kissing Cleavage bra is available in red, pink and nude (all with black lace) and more recently, orchid and teal (with white lace). Ann Summers claim that this bra boosts you up one-two cup sizes, using "innovative, lightweight ‘bean bags’ inside the cups".

I have tried this bra on in red in a 32DD (which is my favourite of the colour combinations) and I think it looks a lot nicer on than the La Senza XXX bra, as the padding feels a bit less extreme. Not only is the 'bean bag' padding softer and more comfortable than the La Senza integrated gel/foam padding, but the padding can also be removed! The bra is multiway, making it much more versatile for different outfits. All in all, if I were to recommend an extreme boost bra, for cup sizes A to DD, it would be this one!

This brings me to the end of "Bust boosting bras Part 1." Next time, I take a look into finding great boob-flattering bras for the larger bust..and don't you worry, busty ladies, there will be no extreme padding involved! We all know that smuggling melons under clothing is not a good look!

Until next time!
Kitty xo


  1. I like the Lulu lace. Removable = good! I'm a size 0-2 and barely an A-cup, so a little enhancement goes a long way... and too much looks awkward and fake.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for the comment. Removable padding is a fantastic option, as it gives you the choice of having padding or not, making it much more versatile as a bra. When I was smaller busted, I swore by the 'Lullaby Lace' bras by La Senza (the old version of the current 'Lulu lace' bras).

    The 'Lulu lace' is very pretty and girlie and comes in lots of colours, so great for a little boost, without making it obvious that you're wearing a padded bra. My friend swears by the La Senza XXX, but I guess it's all down to personal taste! A little padding can go a long way too!

    Lovely blog by the way!
    Kitty xo


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