Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Curvy Kate - 'Tease me' bra review!

With such an array of sexy lingerie available nowadays, from Ann Summers to Agent Provocateur to Coco de Mer, women have a lot of choice when it comes to injecting a bit of seductive glamour into their underwear drawers. The only problem with these brands, is that they often don't cater for a wide enough range of  back sizes or larger cup sizes. Since finding out my correct bra size (28FF), I was worried that finding 'sexy' bras for a small back size and bigger bust would be a next to impossible task...until I stumbled across 'Curvy Kate'.

'Curvy Kate' is a fairly new brand, created in 2009, providing lingerie for cup sizes D to K. Their philosophy is to give "curvy women a wide choice of beautiful lingerie that fits and flatters their fabulous figure". 'Curvy Kate' is well known for using 'real', curvy women, who more accurately reflect the shapes of their customers. Aside from striving to promote a healthy and realistic body image for women, they "target the young fashion conscious customer", whilst still appealing to older ages.

A company that boasts good fit and are on the cutting edge of fashionable and sexy underwear? Count me in!

I was particularly taken by the 'Curvy Kate' "Showgirl" collection, which features stunning, stylish designs, such as the 'Tease me' and 'Thrill me' bras. The collection is available in a wide range of sumptuous jewel colours and are complimented by lace, bows, ribbon and frill detailing. Very boudoir and just what I was looking for!

('Thrill me')

('Tease me')

The 'Tease me' bra in a gorgeous emerald green really caught my eye. The green is beautifully set off by black piping and lace netting over the main body of the bra and cups. With sexy, balcony cups and such attention to detailing, this bra would make any girl feel like a modern day pin-up!

I purchased the 'Tease me' in both a 28F and 28FF, as sometimes fit can vary a lot between brands. I actually found there to be a lot of difference between the F and FF - the 28F was a bit small in the cups for me, but the 28FF was a bit too big and didn't give the desired shape. Cheryl from 'Invest in your Chest' has also spoken of this exact same sizing incongruency between the 28F and 28FF of this bra. I am not sure if this is an issue across the sizes, but if anyone has any comments on this, I'd love to hear from you. Another point to mention, is that the band was a little looser than some of my other 28 backed bras, so if you are a small 28, you may find the band to be a little bit loose on you.

All in all, I'd say that the 'Tease me' bra scores very highly in aesthetics, but a few improvements could be made to the fit. Despite not achieving a 'perfect fit' from this bra, I was so enamoured by the beauty of the 'Tease me', that I decided to keep the 28F. I'm now on the look out for the 'Thrill me' bra from this same collection, as I'm interested to see how the sizing compares to the 'Tease me'...and who wouldn't be tempted by such a 'thrill'-ing collection?

Kitty xo

(Update: I have recently been informed by Becky Mount that a few changes have been made to the 'Tease Me' model for more recent Curvy Kate collections. I would definitely like to try a newer model of the 'Tease Me', to see if they have corrected the sizing/fit incongruency found between the 28F and 28FF of this bra.)


  1. Thanks Kitty, great review and always good to get your opinion. Thanks to Becky too for letting you know about the changes. Remember, we've got our Australian Star in a Bra competition starting on Wednesday as well! Exciting times!

  2. Hi Curvy Kate Australia,

    Thank you for your comment! After finding out that the fit of the newer 'Tease Me' bras had been updated, I snapped up the almond version. My review is on the way (as are a whole array of Curvy Kate reviews), so stay tuned! I am so glad that Australia has decided to hold a 'Star in a Bra' competition - the UK version was a huge success and has really catapulted Curvy Kate into the public eye!

    Kitty xo

  3. In the elder models (I had the lemon and the pink of the same season.) a 28H fit me beautifully. I've either outgrown them or they're just plain worn out now. I must use the tightest hook now and sadly, I'm spilling out of the cups a little bit. I ordered a 28H in the nude this season and its even smaller on me than my older ones. I'm going to try a HH, but I'm really not sure which way its going to go. I found I've had the same issue you describe in the thrill me line and gave up on it. I so hope that isn't going to be the case with the new tease me's cause they're my favorite bra ever.

    On a side note, I had 5 of the old ones, and wore them every day. I wish they made them without the lace so they are more t-shirt friendly. I would buy a dozen. hands down.

  4. Hi Candace,

    Thanks for your feedback. Interesting that you found the fit of the older models better. I feel that the newer Curvy Kate 'Tease me' bras come up smaller/a bit truer to size than the emerald one that I reviewed here. I will put up my review of a new season 'Tease me' soon..

    It's true that the bows and lace on the 'Tease me' aren't 100% t-shirt friendly, but I am so glad to have found a glam and boudoir style bra for the larger bust! The balcony style is also ideal for under low tops and dresses.

    Keep me posted with how you get on with the 28HH, by the way!

    Kitty xo

  5. Hi Kitty,

    No luck on the HH's sadly. Seems like that in between issue goes beyond F/FF. Same thing i experienced with the Thrill Me line. Such a shame.. You're right though, the style and shape looks great under any material that can contain the lace. Here's hoping things even out so we can enjoy these beautiful bras once more. ;)

    Thanks again.

    <3 Candace

    1. Hi Candace,

      Sorry to hear that the HH's didn't work for you. Interesting to hear that it's an issue that continues in larger cup sizes too!

      Which colour-way did you end up trying? I feel that the fit has improved a bit in the more current versions, but I still feel as if I fall a little bit between a 28FF and G in the almond 'Tease Me'.

      Kitty xo


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