Sunday 3 February 2013

Le Fabuleux Soutien d'Amelie: Miss Mandalay 'Amelie' bra review

'Le Fabuleux Soutien d'Amelie'
(The fabulous support of 'Amelie'*) 

   Whilst I coo about fuller bust lingerie brands such as Freya and Panache on a regular basis, one of the larger cup brands that I have been more silently enamoured with for a while is Miss Mandalay. Miss Mandalay has catered to the fuller bust market since 2005 and although I have reviewed some of their swimwear back in 2011, the lingerie has not had as much recognition as it deserves on my blog.. 

   Miss Mandalay states one of its points of difference as being its focus on "fashionably different lingerie and swimwear in C-HH cup sizes", catering to busty women who desire "something 'more'..with a great technical fit." Miss Mandalay is very much about the fusion of substance and style - something that is evidenced by the play on fabric textures, prints, colours and detailing from season to season, in both lingerie and swimwear collections.

   Miss Mandalay is slightly more pricey in comparison to some of its fuller bust brand rivals, but thanks to the high quality fabrics that are used and the careful construction of the garments, you can be assured that you are paying for comfort, support and great fit with Miss Mandalay.

   If you remember back to my pre-Christmas fuller bust lingerie wishlist, you may know that the Miss Mandalay 'Amelie' bra featured as one of my top must-haves! What particularly caught my fancy about the 'Amelie' bra is that it represents a slight departure from the fun, flirty and colour/print orientated designs that I tend to associate with Miss Mandalay. 

  Miss Mandalay has stripped back the vivid colours, leopard print and ruffles to create something sumptuous, sophisticated, elegant and utterly classy..say "bonjour" to 'Amelie' (Available in sizes 28-38 C-GG):

   To my delight, the lovely Red Box Lingerie gave me the opportunity to try this beautiful bra just before Xmas (it arrived quickly and beautifully packaged like a gift, complete with a little card too!) 

   In line with some of my earlier findings about Miss Mandalay's swimwear sizing and having tried the 'Paige' and 'Paris' bras (which I seem to remember come up tighter than the average 28 back), I opted for a 30FF in the 'Amelie'..

   As you can see, the Miss Mandalay 'Amelie' looks even more beautiful in the flesh, with its glamorous mink satin set against ornate black floral stretch lace. The bra fastens with two hooks and eyes and has fully adjustable straps (which is always a bonus!) 

   'Amelie' is described as being a 'balconette shape' with three-panel support cups. Although this bra appears to resemble more of a fuller cup plunge in the picture (below), the actual shape when worn is a delightful cross-between of balconette and plunge, which is very flattering and supportive..

   The design of the 'Amelie' is visually very alluring and there is great attention to detail - who can resist those exquisite little ribbon bows at the centre gore and straps? I love the way that satin, lace and mesh have been employed in an unusual way too; the back band is mesh, whereas the rest of the bra is a mixture of satin (along the gore and sling) and black stretch lace (over the cups). 

   The support sling is also unconventional as it does not form part of the internal structure of the bra. Instead, the sling has been externalised and decorated with mink satin, which transforms a design and support feature into one that is highly aesthetic! 

   The sling is, of course, a great design feature for ladies with a fuller bust, helping to lift the breasts up and gently push them forwards. The shape that I get whilst wearing the 'Amelie' is very natural and uplifted and the sling seems to hold everything in place nicely too. 

   Another great construction element of the 'Amelie' is the design of the lace cups - the cups feature a reinforced lace bottom section and stretch lace along the top of the cups. It is helpful to have the extra mesh lining underneath the lace in the bottom of the cups as the reinforced fabric helps to keep the breasts in place more securely. 

   On the other hand, the stretch lace at the top of the cups moulds to the individual's breast shape, stopping any cutting in to the breast tissue. The stretch lace is also clever as it allows for any slight fluctuations in breast fullness during the month..

   I also got on very well with the shape of the wires of the 'Amelie', which are narrower than those of brands such as Curvy Kate (for example). Additionally, the wires are positioned close together at the centre gore, making this bra very well suited to those with closer set breasts.

   I am all in all pleased with the fit of the 'Amelie' although a 28G would have been the ideal fit for me. I need to wear the 30FF on its tightest hooks and the thin straps dig in to my shoulders a little as I need the extra support from a tighter back band. This also suggests to me that the 'Amelie' comes up truer to size than Miss Mandalay's more tight-fitting bras (e.g. 'Paige' and 'Paris). This may be due in part to the materials that have been used in this bra (the back band is made from quite a stretchy mesh material and therefore has more 'give'). 

   I would definitely recommend the Miss Mandalay 'Amelie' bra and it comes as no surprise that it is one of Miss Mandalay's most popular bras! 'Amelie' is delightfully decadent, exquisitely elegant, beautifully boudoir and to top it off, brilliantly constructed to suit DD+ bra sizes! 

   I often brand myself a moulded bra fanatic but this unpadded bra is enough to make me fall in love over and over again..

(Pair the 'Amelie' bra with the matching thong or knickers..or match the bra with any pair of black lacey briefs - these tie-back knickers are by Collette Dinnigan!)
   For those wanting to try the lovely Miss Mandalay 'Amelie' bra, rejoice because it is now on sale for £35 (reduced from £46) at!

(Click here to see a sneak peek of what Miss Mandalay S/S13 has to offer too...)

Kitty xo

*(The title of this blog post is a play on words of the well-known French film 'Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain'!)