Tuesday 29 January 2013

365 days of Freya 'Deco' - A tribute to a best seller!

   It is coming up to two years since I had my bra fitting epiphany and bought my first correctly fitting bra (a bra which remains one of my all time favourites to this day!) The bra in question is a staple in my underwear collection and I own it in several different colours and designs. I reach for it time and time again because I know that I can rely on it to be comfortable, supportive and flattering whatever I am wearing. 

   The bra that I am talking about is the fabulous Freya 'Deco'...

   The 'Deco' occupies a very special place in my heart not solely because of the superior support, comfort and shape that it offers, but also because it gives an uplifted and rounded cleavage that is just knock-out!

  The joy of the 'Deco' resides in its supreme versatility; the plunging neck line and seamless design works perfectly with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and it is one of my bras of choice to wear under my 'going out' outfits (both the moulded plunge and strapless versions)! 

   To top it off, Freya continuously updates its 'Deco' collections with new colours, designs and bra styles (e.g. soft cup, multiway, longline, padded half cup bras, shaping slip dresses!) The 'Deco' currently comes in a large range of shades and prints; from your basic 'nude' and black colours to eye-catching shades of red, blue and pink to flirty prints that include everything from sleek stripes to flamboyant flamingos!

  There is certainly something for a variety of tastes! Freya's 'Deco' range includes back sizes 28-38 and cup sizes up to a GG, meaning that the 'Deco' is a particularly good option for fuller busted ladies who want a moulded and seamless bra that delivers on support, gives a smooth silhouette and offers a cracking cleavage to boot!

   Whilst I often wax lyrical about the 'Deco', I am not alone in my love for this bra.. since its launch in 2009, Freya has sold over a whopping 300,000 'Deco' bras and its popularity doesn't seem to be wavering! To celebrate this iconic and versatile bra, Freya have launched an exciting, new global marketing campaign over on their dedicated microsite: 

   Not only can you view the current 'Deco' collections, but even more exciting is the fact that there are some amazing prizes up for grabs! Upload a photo of one of your favourite outfits to Freya's 'Style Wall' and select a 'Deco' style that you can wear under it! (You can also enter through Instagram by tagging your photos with #FreyaDeco365)


-10 sets of Deco lingerie to give away EVERY month!
-Get your style wall photo featured in one of Freya's magazine adverts!
-Win the WHOLE 'Deco' range!
-The grand prize is a £1000 shopping spree with your very own stylist!

   Don't forget to get all of your friends and family to comment on your photo when the style wall launches on 31st January 2013!

   Also, check out Freya's campaign video which shows just how many ways that you can incorporate the 'Deco' into your own wardrobe:

   I am also happy to report that Freya have some really fabulous new designs for 2013, some of which I saw at the Freya SS13 press day:

(L-R: Freya 'Honey' in purple 'Iris', Freya 'Ashlee' in 'Candy', Freya Deco 'Flamingo)

 New for this year is the introduction of shapewear to the 'Deco' range, including a multiway bra, longline bra and longline slip dress!

Have you spotted any other new 'Deco' designs in the Freya 365 video? Here is a peek at some of the styles that may well be coming this AW13..

I think I have gone into 'Deco' lust overload..!

What do you think of the new 2013 Deco styles and previews? Will you be entering the Deco 365 competition?

Kitty xo

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Wolford's new Regent Street boutique and S/S13 collections reviewed

   Founded in 1949, Austrian premium brand, Wolford, boasts a rich history alongside an impressive range of products; from Legwear to Ready-to-wear to Lingerie, Swimwear and Accessories. Wolford's first products were tights, followed by an expansion into bodywear in 1992. Thanks to the high quality, stylish designs of Wolford garments, both legwear and bodywear (particularly tights and seamless bodies) remain extremely popular to this day and are integral to Wolford's collections.

   Wolford has grown to become an iconic and internationally recognised label with highly sought after luxury products that are loved by celebrities such as Kate Moss, Rihanna, Jessie J, Keira Knightley and Cheryl Cole, amongst others. Wolford is special in its balance of creativity and innovation with a timeless classicism that withstands seasonal trend shifts. That said, Wolford is conscious of the latest trends, choosing to give a subtle nod to them, whilst keeping its classic shapes (which flatter and enhance the female silhouette.)

   I was lucky enough to be invited to Wolford's Westfield boutique a little while ago to hear the lovely  Muireann Carey-Campbell of Bangs and a Bun give a talk about Wolford's A/W12 collections; 1950's meets rock chick with a splash of surrealist 'trompe l'oeil'! 

(Check out the the use of mesh panels, stud detailing, rose print, dogtooth and eyecatching colours set against nude and black.)

   After an evening of serious lusting over the 'bondage trompe l'oeil' 'legcessories' and bodysuits in particular, I developed a real crush on Wolford's sophisticated but edgy collections!

   Not long after, Wolford held a launch party for its new Regent Street Boutique, so I was able to get a preview of the boutique as well as view some of the S/S13 styles a day before the shop opened to customers.. 

(Left: Mannequins in the window..but only one is real!) (Right: Inside the boutique)

   The Wolford Spring/Summer 2013 ranges are all about glamorous, contemporary layering. The collection takes its inspiration from the 1980's and a 'couture' silhouette, featuring three main themes: 'Holiday Resort', 'Spring' and 'Summer'

   The 'Holiday Resort' collection takes its inspiration from Greta Garbo and Rene Gruau's fashion illustrations to create garments with 'look-at-me' prints and spangly ornamental embellishments, such as crystals and metal stud sequins. A touch of couture is added through the use of puffed sleeves, ruching and jewellery-inspired motifs..

How fabulous do the Wolford girls look in these brightly coloured bodycon cheetah print dresses? 

I loved this pewter colour bodycon dress with cross-over 'strap' design. The embellished metal cuffs are not part of the dress, so can be added to any outfit for an edgy finishing touch!

   Wolford's 'Spring' collection gives off an air of romanticism thanks to its evocative colour palette of soft pinks, white and turquoise, woven through a beautiful selection of lingerie, shapewear, ready-to-wear, legwear and bodywear styles. The focus of the collection lies in floral patterning and lace (both real and printed). Many garments are accented by ornamental button and pearl detailing, miniature floral patterning and ruffles, which add charm and femininity in equal measure..

(Left: Wolford Fleur bra & string, Tulle forming dress) (Right: Fatal bolero, Fleur dress, Mini fleur tights Lucent belt, Bloom gaiter)

(I am absolutely loving this lace print bra (boohoo that it does not come in my size!) and shaping lace forming high waist skirt!)

   Last but not least, the 'Summer' collection conjures up a sleek yet casual silhouette with sheer and net fabrics that allow for an alluring peek of bare skin. Graphic patterning, black and white contrasts, 'trompe l'oeil' paint splash effects and striking colours such as hot red, cobalt blue and canary yellow are the order of the day, along with eye-catching printed legwear styles. Wolford's key look is layering a flared mini over a pencil skirt for a new take on the peplum..

(Left: Amour skirt, Fatal sheer dress, Net stripes pullover, Net belt) (Right: Louise dress, Collier tights, Lucent belt, Heavy metal gaiter, Garbo gaiter, Fatal sleeves)

(I love this black outfit - it is full of elegant drama and the play on textures is stunning!)

   Wolford's Spring/Summer 2013 collection is a real corker, deftly fusing a mixture of styles from 'retro' to 'modern edgy' to 'boudoir appeal' to 'classic couture'. The focus, as always, is placed on quality garments that deliver equally in style and substance. Having seen the garments up close, I am very impressed with how soft and shaping the garments look - ideal for creating a sophisticated but sexy, feminine silhouette.

   I am particularly enamoured by the way that layering has been used in Wolford's Lookbook images to create some seriously fashion-forward outfits that challenge how we traditionally put clothes together. (I wouldn't have thought of creating my own peplum effect by layering a flared skirt over a pencil skirt..and how fabulous is this 'underwear-as-outerwear' inspired look below?)

What do you think of the new collections?

Click here to see the just launched Wolford Spring/Summer 2013 collections or check out Wolford's new flagship boutique at 56 Regent Street, London.

Kitty xo

Wednesday 16 January 2013

10 New Year Lingerie Resolutions that are easy to keep!

   With the start of every new year, the question "have you made any new year's resolutions?" is an inescapable topic of conversation. By mid-January, those of us that have made resolutions are either gloating with pride about the success of a new health kick or conversely feeling guilty about demolishing those Xmas choccies that were going to be given away..! 

   Whilst not everyone makes new year resolutions, this year (aside from setting myself some achievable personal goals), I have devised some resolutions that are much more fun to keep! No fad diets, no over-the-top life overhauls and (almost) no guilt...

   Yes, I can only be talking about lingerie resolutions and here are my top 10 for 2013...

1. Reorganise my intimates collection and donate to charity/ sell any pieces that do not fit  - I confess that I am quite the lingerie hoarder, so a Spring clean will definitely do me good.. besides, there is no point holding on to bras that do not fit just because they are pretty and I can't bear to part with them! With so many new lingerie collections coming out in 2013 (get a sneak peek here), there is no way that I will be short of pretty lingerie to fall in love with!

(Why not clear out your underwear drawers and donate to charity whilst you're at it? Find out about 'Bra Banks' and help to raise money for research into Breast Cancer)

2. Stop saving my favourite underwear for 'special occasions' - I think it's easy to fall into the rut of just wearing a small selection of your lingerie for everyday wear (everyone has 'go-to' bras for comfort and great my case, my Freya 'Deco' bras). If you find yourself 'saving' your lingerie luxuries for 'special occasions' like me, then remember the great feeling that you get when you wear gorgeous lingerie and start wearing it more often - it could be just the confidence boost that you need! There is certainly something wonderful about knowing that you're wearing beautiful lingerie underneath your work clothes..

(Some of my hoarded favourites that don't get enough wear!)

3. Be even more picky about the lingerie that I buy - I adore lingerie and love nothing more than a new set of lingerie as a 'pick-me-up', but when choosing whether or not to keep something, I vow to ask myself:  Does it give me the right support? Is it comfortable? Does it give a great shape? Is it the right fit and style for my body and needs? Do I have something like it? Am I really in love with it or is it a lingerie infatuation?

Figleaves Boudoir 'Entice' bralet - very enticing indeed, but not designed for my bust size!

4. Experiment with new brands and styles - It is easy to overlook new names and places, especially when you know that certain brands work well for you and you are accustomed to buying from particular retailers. I want to continue to look out for exciting new emerging brands that have so much to offer. I also want to keep an open mind towards different bra styles - I may be a plunge bra aficionado, but who knows, maybe that soft cup/ unpadded bra will be my new BBF (bra best friend)!

(Could the Spring/Summer13 Cleo by Panache 'Marcie' unpadded bra be my new BBF?)

5. Buy more from Independents - I think it's really important to support independent designers and non-'mainstream' brands - the benefits include finding some really original and quirky pieces that aren't found on the highstreet and the money that you pay is reflected by the craftmanship that goes into the design and production of the garment.

6. Become slightly more lax about handwashing - Yes, you heard right! Whilst many people are guilty of putting their lingerie in the washing machine, I actually handwash EVERYTHING that has a handwash label..or just if something looks a bit dainty! Sorting through my underwear drawers, I have overlooked that there are quite a few undergarments that are actually machine washable! It is easy to assume that anything lacey and delicate looking means handwash only, but this is not always the case, so check your labels! 

(Picture via:

7. Buy what fits regardless of the size on the label - Vanity sizing is all around us, but do you know what? A little label doesn't dictate anything about your body or you as a person. If you try on a pretty pair of knickers but they are too small in your usual size, try the size up or the size after that. Look at how the garment fits you and only buy what looks flattering. Besides, if you buy something and feel funny about the size on the label, just cut it out! Problem solved.

9. Wear your curves with pride - When you have a larger bust size, the tendency (certainly for me, sometimes) is to cover up and be slightly conservative with regard to showing cleavage. Whilst I'm not saying that it is a good idea to go to work in a low cut boob-baring dress (that's just not appropriate!), I'd love to start showing off a bit more cleavage. Be proud of your boobs and be confident in your curves - body confidence is sexy in every shape and size!

(Being a bit more daring with my outfit choice on my birthday..!)

10. Keep on preaching great bra fit to anyone who will listen - Most of my regular blog readers will be aware of the importance of a well-fitting bra, but I'd love to push my blog message out to even more people this year (sharing is caring!). I am also keen to get more friends and family in to the right bra! The bra revolution shall continue at full throttle..

What do you make of my new year resolutions? Will you be following any of them?

Kitty xo

Friday 11 January 2013

2012 in review & a sneak peek at what 2013 has in store..!

   First and foremost, let me start by wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you, readers, for your continued support in my lingerie pursuits! 

   2012 has been such an exciting year for me personally (I got married!) and as a blogger there have been so many great events and launches that it is hard to pick my highlights! Never-the-less, here is a little overview of my blog over the past year...

   2012 kicked off with my first guest blog "What I look for from a lingerie boutique" for Lingerie Buyer trade magazine, followed by meeting the fabulous Gok Wan at the Simply Yours/Simply Be S/S12 press event, the Swimwear 365 launch with TOWIE's Sam Faiers, the London Fashion Week 'indie' lingerie designers catwalk show, various lingerie press days (including the hugely popular Eveden A/W12 and Panache A/W12 press events)..and much more! 

   I was also thrilled to win Jonathan Aston's 2012 blogger 'style off' competition and this has given me the confidence to introduce more clothing, nightwear and shapewear posts on my blog. (Take a look at my lingerie-inspired Halloween look'Work fashion' style file, luxury highstreet nightwear review and Charnos corselette shapewear review) I have also started to use a few pictures of myself wearing garments that I review to hopefully give an even better idea of how things look in the flesh! 

   2012 has been a great year for lingerie reviews - both of brands that many of us know and love, as well as of some emerging and independent designers that cater particularly to the fuller bust market. Some of my favourite lingerie discoveries over the past year include the 'Parfait' by Affinitas fuller bust line, tattoo-inspired creations of Tatu Couture, new C-J cup lingerie brand, Alegro, Mimi Holliday's luxurious bras and highly acclaimed polish lingerie brand, Ewa Michalak!    

   2012 has indeed been a busy year and 2013 undoubtedly has some great surprises in store for you, lingerie fans! I am particularly looking forward to...

*Freya bringing out their longline bras in a 28 back for S/S13 - it looks like my continual badgering at press events has paid off! ;) 

(Pictured below L-R 'Just Flew In' and 'Patsy' - sizes 32-38C and 28-38 D-G.) 

* Freya's first ever shapewear styles and a Deco multiway bra..I can't wait! (Sizes 32-38 B,C & 28-38 D-G)

* Cleo by Panache's swimwear debut this Spring/Summer (cue a colour explosion of eye-catching summery brights, bold patterns and oh-so-cute details..starting from a 28 back (D-J cups):

* Curvy Kate's first ever babydoll ('Lola') which goes up to a K cup - it really fills a gap in the fuller bust market for sexy 'boudoir lingerie' and A/W13 cannot come around quick enough!

* Claudette's introduction of 28 backs to their 'Dessous' range - after months of lusting, I can't wait to get my mitts on these bright neon bras in my size!

* Miss Mandalay's high fashion, high impact swimwear for 2013 - fuller busted ladies are in for a treat with the new collections (all up to a GG and one range up to an H, with 28 backs in many styles). The 'Los Angeles' bikini (below, right) is bang on trend with its sexy cut-out details - it has my heart doing somersaults already!

* Even more Parfait by Affinitas longline bras for me to hanker after! Here is the ineffably stylish 'Danielle' bra in 'imperial purple' for A/ must be love!

   This 2013, I hope to bring you all even more exciting lingerie, swimwear and fashion related pictures, previews, news and reviews. Blogging is in many ways about self-exploration and I am always striving to bring even more excitement and new ideas to the table when it comes to what I write about. I am pleased to say that I have a few new things in the pipeline for you of my big aims is to bring in some thought-provoking content about the lingerie industry, bra fitting and body image, so keep your eyes peeled! 

   As always, if you have any suggestions regarding what you are interested in seeing on my blog, I'd love to hear from you - this blog exists to help people in their quest for well-fitting, gorgeous lingerie, so do get in touch here..and don't forget to join me on Facebook and Twitter for daily lingerie updates or just a general natter!


Kitty xo