Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Coffin on Cake Press Launch, October 2011

  On the 19th October, I was lucky enough to be invited to Coffin on Cake PR's press launch at The Vinyl Factory in Soho. Press days are always a great opportunity to see the latest brand showcases and I was excited to get a sneak preview of Coffin on Cake's choice of key-pieces for Spring/Summer 2012!

  The showroom was divided into collections and the 'walk-through' tour, given by the Coffin on Cake team, was akin to taking a mini holiday, stopping off at different fashion hot-spots along the way! Check out the faux airport signs, deckchairs, surfboards and wooden beach huts...

  There were some great brands on display, so it is with great pleasure that I bring you the highlights of the Coffin on Cake showcase! 

(Surfdome's impressive brand list!)

  I was introduced to the Surfdome showcase, which presented key lifestyle pieces under the headings of "From Bondi to Brighton" and "From St Tropez to St Ives". Given that Surfdome stocks over 500 brands (see picture above), the collection of bikinis, swim shorts, beachwear, rucksacks, bags, shoes and leisure-wear that was selected by Coffin on Cake was very varied and the key pieces built upon different trends. There were tie-dye bohemian prints, nautical 'French Riviera' designs, summery bright colours, muted 'vintage' floral patterns and edgy tribal prints. After the launch, I went to the Surfdome website to have a look at some of the items stocked and was so impressed with the number of popular brands available and the brilliant 70% off sale on at the moment. Definitely worth a look..I may have made a sneaky purchase too! 

  Popular aussie brand, Ripcurl, had a great array of swimwear pieces on display. Ripcurl combines its classic surf-friendly designs with bold tropical prints, nautical stripes and eye-catching bright colours, so you not only stay comfortable, but also look great!

  One of my absolute favourite parts of the Coffin on Cake showcase, was the bikini beach hut! Inside, were different 3D 'look boards', which were organised by body-shape and featured key characteristics, celebrity body matches and tips for picking suitable swimwear. 





  I was really excited to spot that Freya was featured in the 'Busty Bella' category and my eye was immediately drawn to the striking tribal print and fun mix of colours (coral and green shades, set in contrast with black and white). The bikini featured is the 'Marinella' Rainforest band-less triangle bikini, which will be available in back sizes 30-38 and cup sizes from D-FF in this particular style. 

  Finally, I bring you my new-found love, Pull-in:

  Pull-in is a premium French underwear, swimwear and lounge-wear brand that is well-known for its graphic prints and bright colours. I am usually more drawn to underwear and swimwear that is quite glamorous, sophisticated and a bit understated, but I really fell in love with the stunning 'look-at-me' prints of the Pull-in collection. In my next post, I will write about my favourite Pull-in pieces, as there are just too many to put into this blog post!

  I had a fantastic time at the press launch and want to say a big thank you to all of the team at Coffin on Cake, who were extremely friendly, well-organised and put together a brilliant showcase. The goody bag was also totally fab!

Stay tuned for my next post on 'Pull-in'!

Kitty xo

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