Monday 19 September 2011

Lazy living with 'Lazeme' and Freya loungewear!

  It goes without saying that having a bit of ‘down’ time is a welcome respite in today’s constantly ‘on the go’ society. There is nothing better than finishing work for the week; having a lie-in, a late breakfast and a hot chocolate in your pj’s, whilst catching up on your favourite TV programme…

  Although you may own a gorgeous selection of lingerie and swimwear, what does your nightwear and loungewear say about you? How many of you can admit to keeping that old nightie that should have been binned years ago or that shapeless top and shorts that you bought in the sale..or maybe your boyfriend just wants his t-shirt back?

  When going through my wardrobe before I moved house, I was shocked to discover the quantity of badly fitting nightwear that I had kept in storage! As many girls with curves will admit, it is so difficult to find well-fitting and pretty nightwear that accommodates for a bust. It is annoying to have to buy a top a size or two bigger than your bottom half, as it leaves excess material, which swallows up any semblance of a figure.

  If you, like me, have felt nauseous at the thought of a sleepover or staying over at a guy’s house and showing off your badly fitting 'Hello Kitty' nightie, it is definitely time for you to join the loungewear revolution!

  The answer to my loungewear prayers came in the form of Lazeme (who stock an amazing array of swimwear, beachwear, and most importantly, sleep and lounge wear!) As a big Freya lingerie fan, I was thrilled to see that Lazeme stocked a number of Freya loungewear products.

  I absolutely loved the Freya Lounge ‘Gracie’ chemise, which is £29 and comes in three colours; black, lupin pink and teal. The best thing, is that Freya's knowledge of catering for bigger busts does not stop at their lingerie and swimwear. Freya have employed dual sizing in the 'Gracie', merging your clothing size (XS-XL) with your cup size (medium bust: B-DD and fuller bust: E-G), providing a superior fit.  


  With a 28FF bust and a clothing size of  8-10, I was not sure whether to order the 'Gracie' in a small (E-G) or extra small (E-G), so Lazeme kindly sent me both to assess the fit. I chose the teal colour 'Gracie', which arrived very quickly and was beautifully packaged, complete with a glossy brochure:

  As you can see from the picture, the 'Gracie' chemise is a little bit darker in colour than the product photo, but the rich teal colour will suit a variety of complexions. The actual design is fairly classic, offset by intricate, scalloped lace, which borders the bust. The bow at the centre of the 'V' cut neck line adds a touch of romance, making the chemise very girly, whilst also being quite sexy.

  My favourite feature, above all, was the 'secret support panel', which, although hidden from the outside, is integral to the support of  your bust. The feel of the inner panel's band is very different from that of a bra - it feels supportive under your bust, without being in any way constrictive.

  Most importantly, due to the viscose lycra fabric content, the 'Gracie' not only skims your curves, but is also extremely soft against your skin. I found the chemise very comfortable to sleep in and the inner panel kept my bust supported, no matter how much I tossed and turned in my sleep!

  With regards to sizing, I found that Freya's sizing in the body was quite generous in the 'Gracie' and I ended up keeping the XS (E-G). 

  The 'Gracie' is certainly a breath of fresh air for any curvy girl who needs a nightwear revamp. Freya shows that even when you are lounging around the house, that there is now all the more reason to feel comfortable, supported and fashionable. Next on my wishlist is definitely the 'Gracie' black long sleeved top and pj bottoms (£28 and £28) - ideal for the upcoming winter months!

To see Lazeme's full range of sleep and loungewear products, click here.

Kitty xo


  1. Hi Kitty
    We are so pleased you love the new Freya Gracie Chemise by Freya Loungewear. The teal chemise looks fab on you. x

  2. Hi Heather,

    Thanks for your comment. The Freya 'Gracie' chemise is a perfect start to my new sleepwear wardrobe. It's great for Summer and in the Winter, I'll be popping a pair of thick leggings underneath to keep me warm!

    Kitty xo

  3. How did you find the sizes match with numbered sizes? Looking at the size chart on the website I should be a 14 in terms of waist/hips, would that be a medium then? I might try the medium E-G if it runs big. It's got to be better than old t-shirts from Old Navy that are a size too big, which is what I'm currently using. :D

  4. Hi June,

    According to the sizing chart on the Lazeme website, I would fall between an 8-10. I generally get a size small in Freya knickers, which equates to a size 10. I got the 'Gracie' in an xs (8), which fit much better than the s (10). I think a large in Freya is around a size 14, but I feel that the 'Gracie' comes up fairly generous, so you might be able to get away with a medium (12).

    Let me know how you get on - hope that helps!
    Kitty xo


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